Hi! I'm Álvaro, a 3D Artist from Spain.
Here you can find my networks, my contact form, and some info about me :)
FYI: My fully updated portfolio will always be in Artstation (First link)


Please use this contact form or send me an email at

Thank you :)

I will contact you as soon as posible.

About me

Graduated in Videogame Design & Development. Master's degree in Lighting & 3D Character Modeling on Animum Creativity Advanced School

Digital Skills

○ 3D Modeling.
○ 3D Baking & texturing.
○ Animation meshes.
○ Lighting & digital compositing.
○ UV mapping.
○ 3D Modeling Clean-up.
○ Digital sculpting.
○ Generic videogame-related
skills. (Programming, 3D
animation, animation physics,
level design, A.I., etc.)